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William Eric Voss
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When I first wrote this the Census bureau was estimating the current resident US population at 265,667,166. They estimate the percentage with last name Voss at roughly 0.008% or 21,253 of those people. Assuming half the population is male, and using the census's estimate that 2.451% percent of males are named William (and 0.007% of females) there should be roughly 260 individuals named William Voss in the US. This calculation probably underestimates the actual number because families of European decent (most Voss families) are more apt to name their children William than the general US population. It also obviously totally neglects the rest of the world (I could not find useful statistics on a world wide basis).

My best guess is that there are between 1 and 6 living individuals named William Eric Voss in the world. I know that I am one, I would love to learn about other individuals named William Eric Voss. I know I am not the only William Voss on the internet, and I may not be the only William Eric Voss. If you are in doubt, I am the William Eric Voss who...

William Eric Voss

Last modified: January 31st, 2010